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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra

A Concert for Social Justice!

Charlie Haden passed away in 2014 but his Liberation Music Orchestra lives on. We saw them playing, again with arrangements by Carla Bley, at le Poisson Rouge in the West Village, on my 69th Birthday earlier in January. We last saw them playing at the Village Vanguard in 2004 with Charlie Haden and Carla Bley, that too was a memorable evening. 

we pay tribute to CHARLIE HADEN
with special guest GERI ALLEN piano, conductor

“I have always dreamed of a world without cruelty and greed; of a humanity with the same creative brilliance of our solar system; of an America worthy of the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the majesty of the Statue of Liberty.” – Charlie Haden

Geri Allen piano
Tony Malaby tenor sax
Chris Cheek tenor sax
Loren Stillman alto
Michael Rodriguez trumpet
Seneca Black trumpet
Vincent Chancey Fr. horn
Curtis Fowlkes trombone
Earl McIntyre tuba
Steve Cardenas guitar
Darek Oles bass
Rodney Green drums

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dome Reading Room, State Library, Melbourne

A composite of a 360VR of the Dome Reading Room at the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne and a mashup of some 'ULTRA VIBRANDT' projections from friend 
Judy Brandt, a Visual Artist and Designer who lives in Melbourne. 
Click on the image to open the 360 degree view.